Zombie Hospital

This was our most…. dangerous expedition so far. We made three mistakes; we went at night, we split up our group, and we went over clearly unsafe areas. A member of our team split up to take a route over the roof that the rest of us were uncomfortable with and did not meet us where agreed to. He vanished for hours. We thought he was scare-pranking us, but no. He had fallen through the roof and through another floor. We didn’t hear him until hours later. We didn’t know if he was caught by security, went home, was hurt, or what. He landed in an area that we could not get to on foot. We had cops, firefighters, ambulance, the whole shebang. He was severely injured, but fortunately is completely okay now.

Remember, kids. This isn’t Scooby Doo. Don’t split up. Do not climb over unstable areas or rotten wood. Don’t go to dangerous areas at night. Urbex is a fun adventure, but these places can be very, very risky.


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