Manicomio di Voghera

Thus far my favorite location and biggest undertaking, Manicomio di Voghera stands forgotten and rotting in a tiny rural Italian town. I scrambled through a gap in a chainlink fence, through a field of pokey plants, through another small hole in a brick wall, more bushes, and finally through a knocked out glass pane in the bottom of a door. I had the bright idea to wear shorts that day because of the hot, muggy Italian weather, but that was certainly a mistake. By the next day my arms and legs were covered with scratches and more bug bites than I’ve ever had in my LIFE. It looked like a horrid case of chickenpox. Anyways…

This asylum had a very dark history. For many years, patients were mistreated to an extreme degree, from what I’ve gathered. Much has been destroyed or decayed over time, but much is also left behind. Entire rooms filled with boxes upon boxes of x-rays, medical files, machinery, wheelchairs, stretchers, medical equipment, and more lie around every corner. I went on a Sunday, and everything was so, so quiet. This is the only location to have ever spooked me a bit. I took video of most of my walk through, and the first video is already on my Patreon ( I’ll put the others up when I have the motivation. Video editing is not my forte. As usual, the rest of this gallery, sans watermarks, will be available there as well.

In the meantime, here are these.

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