Manoir Banana

Manoir Banana, so named for the unexplained piles upon piles of banana boxes in multiple rooms, is absolutely stunning. The furniture in this French manor is to die for. I am very disappointed with another urbex group that thought it would be a great idea to tag their name on one of the beautiful chairs downstairs- really, guys? You see this pristine, gorgeous furniture and the first thing you think is, “Wouldn’t it look so much better with my name scrawled across it in Sharpie?” Shame on you.

Aside from those idiots and others tagging some hallways, many rooms are left in amazing condition. It’s strange, some rooms are perfectly made up, while others are stacked floor to ceiling with random junk. This house has the same organization as my harddrive. I always wonder what leads beautiful places like this to be left behind in decay. The many photo albums make me all the more curious about these people and their lives. I hope to learn their stories some day.



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